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"Eco-Friendly" Reusable Gift Bag

"Eco-Friendly" Reusable Gift Bag

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Introducing the HyoomKloh "Eco-Friendly" Reusable Gift Bag - the perfect way to give gifts while minimizing your environmental impact. Made from high-quality materials, this gift bag is not only stylish, but also reusable and sustainable. The "Eco-Friendly" Reusable Gift Bag features a classic and elegant design, with the HyoomKloh logo printed on the front. The bag is available in a range of colors, making it easy to find one that fits the occasion. With its durable construction and reusable design, the "Eco-Friendly" Reusable Gift Bag is perfect for any gift-giving occasion, from birthdays to holidays and everything in between. Give your gifts in style, while also doing your part to protect the environment.

This 100% cotton reusable gift bag is a sustainable choice for wrapping presents. Versatile enough for any recipient, it can be used over and over. Add a natural touch to your next gift.
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Drawstring Closure
  • Twisted Double-Knotted Cotton Cord
  • Measurements: 8"x10"
  • Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.
Reusable Gift Bag
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One Size 10 in 8.0 in
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