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EcoHarmony" Recycled Tote Bag

EcoHarmony" Recycled Tote Bag

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Discover the "EcoHarmony" Recycled Tote Bag, a stylish companion that resonates with the environmentally conscious individual in you. "EcoHarmony" Tote Bag Highlights: Eco-Friendly Elegance: Embrace sustainable fashion effortlessly. This tote bag is a canvas for your eco-friendly beliefs. Artistic Expression: With a unique design that celebrates nature and sustainability, it's not just a bag; it's a statement piece. Conversations for Change: Spark meaningful dialogues about environmental responsibility and sustainability as you carry your "EcoHarmony" tote. Everyday Versatility: A dependable companion for daily errands or adding a touch of eco-consciousness to your outfit. Positive Impact: By choosing this tote, you're supporting a sustainable lifestyle and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Elevate your style while championing sustainability with the "EcoHarmony" Recycled Tote Bag. Make it your choice and let it express your commitment to a more eco-conscious world.

Feel good about your trip to the grocery store with this tote bag, made from 100% recycled materials and durable 12 oz fabric. This handy bag can be folded to fit in your pocket, or comfortably slung over your shoulder with 20” fabric handles.
  • Material: 75% recycled cotton/25% recycled polyester | Weight: 12 oz
  • 20” fabric handles
  • Brand: OAD
  • Imported product, printed & processed in the USA
Recycled Tote Bag
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One Size 15.98 in 15 in 10 in
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