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"RBG Legacy" Portrait Sticker

"RBG Legacy" Portrait Sticker

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Celebrate the indomitable spirit of justice and influence with the captivating "RBG Legacy" Portrait Sticker – a visual homage to a trailblazing figure who reshaped modern history. This sticker encapsulates the essence of Ruth Bader Ginsburg through a stunning realism-style portrait, adorned with the iconic phrase "Notorious RBG" in a vibrant Basquiat-style font. Crafted with meticulous detail, this sticker invites you to proudly display your commitment to social justice and gender equality. Made from top-quality materials, it not only offers a visually striking addition but also ensures enduring resilience. Adorn your belongings with the "RBG Legacy" Portrait Sticker, sparking conversations and proudly amplifying the call for a world built on fairness and equal rights. Whether on laptops, water bottles, or notebooks, this sticker becomes a dynamic emblem of your dedication. Make your stand and honor her legacy – order your "RBG Legacy" Portrait Sticker today and become part of a movement that champions justice and equality.

Stick it to ‘em the way you like it! This sticker is made of durable vinyl. Just stick it on surfaces like your laptop, your car, furniture and any kind of smooth surface. The sticker is waterproof and can be removed from most surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue.
  • Vinyl stickers with outline cut, easy to remove
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Can be removed from most surfaces without residue within three years
  • Imported paper, printed and processed in the U.S.A.
  • Material: 100 µm PVC film
normal fit
4 x 4" 3.98 in 3.98 in
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